How Insight MPC was born?

Passion and Expertise is Not Enough


Over the years, we have seen small businesses and non-profit organizations come and go. Usually not due to lack of passion and expertise for their cause. Often their struggles come from little or no experience in running an organization especially from a financial accounting perspective.


If these organizations knew the story behind their numbers they would have had a better chance to adapt to their circumstances and to determine where they want to be. That is where Insight Management Professional Corporation (Insight MPC) was born. A desire to see both small businesses and non-profit organizations look at their finances and see what story is being told.


With that knowledge the opportunity for insight and wisdom becomes possible to make better business management decisions. Everyone has their strengths and passions; yet we all need some help from time to time. Reach out to David to see what he can do for you. Even if it is only going for a coffee to let off a little stress.

Join David's Community of Successful Business Owners

Nancy Kindler

Business Coach/Facilitator

"The Excel Wizard. David can interpret financials better than anyone I’ve ever met. And he’s a nice person, devoted husband and father."

Roxana Murray

Harvest Ground Import Export Ltd.

"David Halliday and Insight Management, helped us to see and understand our numbers on a whole new and easy way, our numbers tell others the story of our company, our performance, where we are at and where we are heading towards; and with his insights we were able to start our company with confidence."

Alain D.

Owner of I3D

"David, you are enthusiastic about the unlocked potential each business hold and that is a gift. Combined with your patience and willingness to teach; you are poised to be a “must have” for every entrepreneur."

Cathy G.

Organic Gardener at The Organic Garden & Co

"David understood what I was trying to achieve with projecting financials for my business even before I knew myself!"

Jessica “Wilde” Cooper

Owner of GO Wilde Adventures

"David is dedicated to creating the most user friendly informative spreadsheet system for small businesses. He will ensure you are happy with his service."

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